Bio-Sunn Technologies Inc. proposed facilities in North Dakota will focus on the rapidly expanding industrial fiber composites sector.  

Bio-Sunn Technologies Inc. will leverage proprietary cutting-edge technologies to commercialize high profile, profitable and sustainable solutions.

In the spring of 2022 we are planning to start construction on a facility in northern North Dakota to process hemp, grain and fiber. 

The facility will be 30 miles south of the Canadian border, near Nekoma, North Dakota and is slated to draw from a potential 100,000 acres of hemp, in an area that has had proven success producing crops for grain.

The facility will include renovations and new construction on a 290-acre site, will be developed into an industrial/business park and research center for industrial hemp.

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Vertical integration of this hemp manufacturing facility consists of:

  • Fiber Decortication and Separation Plant

  • Fiber Matting Plant

  • Seed Pressing Plant - capabilities of pressing hemp oils containing Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA)

  • Bio-Fuel Production

  • Graphene Processing

  • Hurd Production - Animal Bedding Package Line

  • Bioplastics Production

  • Research & Development Technology Center

  • Business Incubator Center

  • Workforce Housing Subdivision

  • Daycare Center

Bio-Sunn Technologies Inc.'s business planning and forecasting indicates the company is well positioned to significantly profit from position and reputation as an innovator while focusing on high profile industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense, textiles, food, and construction.


Today, one of the most promising applications for hemp fiber relates to reinforcement applications in composites. A blending of materials produces a range of thermoplastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene to thermoset fiber such as polyester. A common application is the blending of hemp fiber with polypropylene in a nonwoven felt mat including compression molding addressing high volume automotive, aerospace, furniture, textiles, and other consumer product applications.

North Dakota Bio-Sunn Technologies Inc., recipient of a 2014 State of North Dakota Economic Development & Finance Agricultural Products Utilization Commission (APUC) funding grant, has been spotlighted by North Dakota USDA Rural Development Office and recognized for its innovative rural economic development strategies and technological merit. Additionally, State of North Dakota government officials and U.S. Departments of Agricultural & Energy along with U.S. Economic Development Administration and Environmental Protection Agencies have voiced interest in Bio-Sunn Technologies Inc., ‘first mover’ industrial hemp business initiatives.


The use of hemp fiber continues to grow exponentially addressing business interests such as cost efficiency, strength and weight, ease of recycling, customization to meet a variety of manufacturing applications, consistent quality and growing availability of hemp fiber supply.

Nekoma, North Dakota  58355
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